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Using a powerful music recognition engine, this application can help you quickly identify the name of any song
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Amir Hammoutene
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19 July 2014

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This tool can recognize the exact song and get you the name of it.

This product grew out of the Source Forge project "mymusicrecognition". A sophisticated audio recognition engine is built into the product. The pattern detected from the song being played, helps find the name of the song. This program is capable of capturing sound from radio streams, the installed music player or any other source. The interface offered with the tool is simple. Most users will be able to start using it without the need for any special training time. The interface displays a list of sources that you can search to find your song and the title of it. These include searches that could be made on YouTube, Grooveshark, Amazon and display the name of the song in seconds. Searching for lyrics from SoundLyrics is possible. If interested in remixes, searching on Soundcloud is available.

This tool also provides features that let you find out more details about the artist on Wikipedia as well as Discogs. You are able to find out if a Facebook page exists for the artist or the song in particular. This tool will help you find the title of the song accurately, quickly and easily. But, what may be more important is that it takes care of an irritating problem. Any music collector gets duplicates of tracks in his collections. As this program finds the exact name of the track, it will be simple to find if there are any duplicates in the collection by simple comparisons. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

My Music Recognition uses a powerful audio recognition engine in order to help you get the name of the song you are listening to. It can capture sound from radio streams, the installed music player or any other source and display the name of the song in seconds.
Accessibility from the system tray
The application runs silently in the background, without requiring any user interaction. Its options are accesible via the right-click context menu in the system tray, where you can constantly monitor its activity.
The menu also enables you to access the complete list of the songs captured so far, which is actually a text file containing all the song names.
Fast stream analysis and song name retrieval
My Music Recognition takes advantage of the power of Virtual Audio Capture Grabber in order to record sounds that can be heard from the computer speakers or headphones. In order to do so, it captures a piece of the playing song and proceeds to analyzing lyrics and notes.
Once the analysis procedure is completed, a small popup window is displayed next to the system tray, containing the name of the song. With a single click, you can search for it on YouTube, find remixes on SoundCloud or search for the song lyrics.
The right-click menu also offers you options for finding the artist on Discogs and Wikipedia or search for the Facebook fan page, which helps you quickly find out more about the song author and discover the entire discography.
Powerful audio recognition software
My Music Recognition is an application that can prove useful to any user. With its help, you won't have to wonder around trying to find the name of a song you recently heard on the radio. Just keep it running in the background and you will get the name of the song instantly.
My Music Recognition
My Music Recognition
Version 2.2
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